At Bee’s Moving we understand the diverse needs of our clients. We strive to accommodate any type or size of move – from the small one bedroom across town to large commercial businesses switching locations – we cater to all of your moving needs.

As a fully licensed and insured, independently owned and operated business, we pride ourselves in our ability to efficiently and professionally pack, move, or store anything you have in mind. Our professionally trained movers will make sure all of your needs are met with unprecedented care and exceptional speed. We understand the concerns of our customers and our highly trained crews will undoubtedly create an expedient and stress-free moving experience.


Bee’s professional packing services will carefully handle and pack all of your most valuable items.

  • To ensure the most optimum safety for your belongings, our movers are specifically trained to wrap, pad, and protect your essential items.
  • Plates and other fragile items are hand-wrapped by our movers. Each plate or item in a fragile set is individually handled and wrapped before being neatly placed in a box.
  • Our movers are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to properly pack and protect any items you might have – from closets of large wardrobes to sets of fine china. We make sure your items are safe and well protected.
  • Large furniture, for example couches, are expertly padded by our movers. Cushions, pillows, and other items are either placed in bags or wrapped in our shrink wrap.
  • We are professional specialists with the ability to take apart and put together anything to ensure an easy and safe relocating experience.


While delivering your items, upon request, our crews will take the time and care to make sure any items taken apart during the move will be put back together. -In addition, our movers will politely place your items wherever you need them situated. Our crews understand the stress associated with moving and while packing and unpacking, will demonstrate the utmost care with your personal belongings.


Our moving crews are trained to handle any form of moving you might need – no job is too big or too small for us.

  • As an independent small business our services range from small on-load or off-loads to large interstate relocations.
  • Both our residential and commercial services offer free in-house estimates in which a company representative will be available to answer all of your questions and address any concerns you might have.
  • Our commercial and residential services include door to door moving, packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, as well as in house or in office moving.

In House Moving

Perhaps you are remodeling an area of your house and need some bigger items transported to other areas of your house.

Packing & Unpacking

Our crews will securely pad and load everything you need.

Loading & Unloading

Maybe you just need a truck loaded or un-loaded during the process of your move. Bee’s will make sure to maximize the space of the truck and securely load or unload all items.

Specialty Moving – Hoisting

In addition, our services offer hoisting for larger items that are unable to fit through your hallways or doors. Our movers have the problem solving skills to tackle any terrain and to safely transport your items as conveniently and efficiently as possible. While executing a hoist, our movers top priority is the safety and condition of your items.


  • Our storage vaults are 5ft × 6ft × 7ft and can hold approximately 2000 pounds – about a room full of furniture and boxes.
  • Our storage vaults are $75 per month and require a one-month minimum.
  • Our professional movers take the time to maximize the space within the storage units and will ensure the safety of your items by properly packing them with pads.
  • Furniture will be padded with our pads and couches and cushions sealed with our shrink-wrap and plastic covers.
  • Our residential storing services are great for if you need items safely stored away for any given period of time.
  • Our Commercial services cater to larger businesses in need of extra storage space.
  • We take inventory of all of your items and note the condition of each piece. We also provide a copy of the inventory list for our customers.


    Book box - 1.5 cu.ft - $1.50
    Linen box - 3.1 cu.ft - $2.25
    Large linen box - 4.5 cu.ft - $2.75
    Dish barrel - 5.2 cu.ft - $4.50
    Packing paper - 25lb. bundle - $25.00
Paper pads - 60x72" 3ply - $2.00
Wardrobe Box - $13.00
Wardrobe Bos Rental - $10.00
Moving Tape - $2.75

STUDIO Multi Box Package
    10 Book Boxes - 16x13x13" 1.5 cu.ft
    5 Linen Boxes - 18x18x17" 3.1 cu.ft
    3 Large Boxes - 18x18x27" 4.5 cu.ft
    1 Dish Pack Box - 18x18x27" 5.2 cu.ft
    1 Packing Paper - 25lb. bundle
    2 Packing Tape - 2"x155'
    On Sale Now = $87.00
One Bedroom Multi Box Package
    15 Book Boxes - 16x13x13" 1.5 cu.ft
    10 Linen Boxes - 18x18x17" 3.1 cu.ft
    5 Large Boxes - 18x18x27" 4.5 cu.ft
    2 Dish Pack Box - 18x18x27" 5.2 cu.ft
    1 Packing Paper - 25lb. bundle
    2 Packing Tape - 2"x155'
    On Sale Now = $127.75

Two Bedroom Multi Box Package
    20 Book Boxes - 16x13x13" 1.5 cu.ft
    15 Linen Boxes - 18x18x17" 3.1 cu.ft
    10 Large Boxes - 18x18x27" 4.5 cu.ft
    3 Dish Pack Box - 18x18x27" 5.2 cu.ft
    2 Packing Paper - 25lb. bundle
    3 Packing Tape - 2"x155'
    On Sale Now = $207.25
Three Bedroom Multi Box Package
    25 Book Boxes - 16x13x13" 1.5 cu.ft
    20 Linen Boxes - 18x18x17" 3.1 cu.ft
    15 Large Boxes - 18x18x27" 4.5 cu.ft
    5 Dish Pack Box - 18x18x27" 5.2 cu.ft
    3 Packing Paper - 25lb. bundle
    4 Packing Tape - 2"x155'
    On Sale Now = $244.50



Fill out an estimate regarding your move or storage needs, or call us at 857-540-9283 for an instant quote. Go to form here


At Bee’s moving we offer competitive prices for all of our services.

  • Our round trip billing policy states the clock begins as our crew leaves the warehouse en route to the location and ends when our crews return to the warehouse.
  • One of our company representatives will call you a day prior to your move to ensure that you are ready and to confirm the time of your move.
  • On the day of the move, expect a call from one of the crew chiefs letting you know the crew is on the way.
  • To ensure accurate billing our hourly rates are divided into quarters or fifteen-minute increments after the two hour minimum has been met.

Our move on June 28th was amazing thanks to Bee's moving. We had Bee's load up our truck for our drive down to Atlanta and they were INCREDIBLE.

Fast, arrived on time, took extra care with our stuff, and loaded up our truck amazingly. Nothing moved from Boston to Atlanta. It was a pleasure and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

– via Yelp on 7/11/2011

NINETEEN STARS would not be enough for this outfit. This was the 4th time I used them for my business. The appointment was for 9 am sharp. Matt was so very sharp that he arrived at 8:45. By 9:15 we were on the road. There was only one object to move but it weighted 717 lbs. and the task went smoother than silk. Read all of the other reviews.

These guys are the real deal. Reasonably priced. Great communications. Efficient, buttoned-up and they make their competitors look like so much sand on the beach.

– via Yelp on 9/21/2010

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